* International Day of Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action
4. April 2012: International Day of Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action http://www.un.org/en/events/mineawarenessday
Cite from UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon: ".. On this International Day, I call for universal adherence to these important treaties and for increased support for mine awareness and mine action. Landmines and  explosive remnants of war hamper development and endanger lives. Let’s eliminate them together for a safe sustainable world." Full text: http://www.un.org/en/events/mineawarenessday/sg_message.shtml

Pope Benedikt XVI appealed at 04. April 2012 at final of general-audience at St. Peters-Place in Rom in repetition of the words of blessed John Paul II in Angelus, 28. February 1999 at occasion of inception of Convention:
"I encourage anyone looking for a liberation of mankind from this terrible and insidious explosive devices."
Source: http://press.catholica.va/news_services/bulletin/news/29028.php : Oggi ricorre la Giornata internazionale per la sensibilizzazione sul problema delle mine antipersona, alle cui vittime, insieme alle loro famiglie, esprimo la mia vicinanza. Incoraggio tutti coloro che si impegnano per liberare l’umanità da questi terribili e subdoli ordigni, i quali, come disse il Beato Giovanni Paolo II in occasione dell’entrata in vigore della Convenzione per il loro bando, impediscono agli uomini di «camminare assieme sui sentieri della vita senza temere le insidie di distruzione e di morte» (Angelus, 28 febbraio 1999).[00456-01.01] [Testo originale: Italiano]


* Report 2011 about anti-personell mines mine situation in the world
23. Nov. 2011: Actual report about anti-personell mines mine situation in the world. http://www.the-monitor.org/index.php/publications/display?url=lm/2011/ Mine producing countries, victims, deads, clearance actions and efforts. Report only covers AP mines, not AT mines (Anti Tank, AV, Anti Vehicle Minen).  

Key figures: worldwide 480 mil. USD in 2010, 200 km² cleared, 4.191 reported new casualties (+5% to 2009), estimated significant number of unreported. A total of 72 states, as well as seven disputed areas, were confirmed or suspected to be mine-affected.

Our direct request to ICBL Stuart Casey-Maslen lead to these estimated figure of manual deminers, who made the 200 km² clearance area of 2010:
average baseline of 20 m² per deminer per day, can be up to 50 m² in favourable terrain, 250 workdays/year, daily worktime of 5 h, (given by the IMAS) leads to a number of worldwide manual deminer in the range of 20.000, obviously subject to deployment issues. Unreported figure of size -reduction ("release by paperwork").

More figures about annual situation http://www.dmot.info/index.php/news/demining/289-strategypage-landmines-linger.html (seems to have 2011 included)
In short:

Nations related:

Organizations related:

Planted, manufactured: Growing list of outlaw organizations (Extract):

Worldwide casualties:



Cost comparison of worldwide spend to cost for KMMCS

In 2010 had been cleared 200 km² for 480 mil. USD by traditional demining methodes. Theoretically this size can be cleared by only 15 KMMCS machines. Regarding maintenance and other reasons for standstill and the restriction for the use in appropriate area the worldwide necessary number of vehicles with its investment is less than an ordinary logistics company in Germany.

If assumed the same cost for the worldwide clearance had been the same as in our direct cost comparison with a UNDP clearance, the 200 km² for 480 mil. USD would have cost only 324 mil. Because in our experienced clearance significant stand-still times are included, which had been caused by the lazy institutions and the supervisors and the investment shares to a huger area, the cost reduction of KMMCS work would be reduced to significant lower than the half of this old figures.


* AVAAZ calls for petition for the including of prohibition of Cluster Bombs
11. Nov. 2011: Worldwide network AVAAZ calls for petition for the including of prohibition of Cluster Bombs into "Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons". Some States want to exclude the cluster bombs younger than from 1980 from prohibition.


* Company New Foundation
27. Mai 2011: After the pass away of the inventor of KMMCS Dr.h.c. Walter Krohn (81) the company is restructured and -based upon our philosophy- actually prepares to build even more featured and more powerful machines to fulfill new demands of customers.

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