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Our Philosophy

We are actively pursuing the philosophy to achieve the proven maximum possible result for mine clearance with the highest possible efficiency by use of limited resource money, time and available manpower at the maximum achievable security for health and lives. The standard for "maximum" is the forefront of technical development on the entire world.

We distinguish ourselves of other organizations in which the efficiency and their proof is not a top priority.

We meanwhile reached our goal to make obsolete human work in soil in the direct area of highest danger from whatever kind of landmines and in whatever kind of vegetation density. See.zuSOP.
Beside safety and comfort for personnel the aims are 100% clearance rate, drastically reduced costs, significant higher area effort, independence from soil types, independence from weather condition and certifications of productivity and continuity in comparison to manual demining.

In effect, wherever machines are useable for mine clearance, they should be used. The contradiction, the use of machinery would minimize number of jobs, is not applieable in the segment of mine clearance.
Mines specially have been constructed to maim in the most ambushed way, to kill people and to spread fear just by their possibility to be out there. They cause these effects even decades after emplacement. The causers, the mine producers, the commanders and the individuals who plant mines are not held accountable for their actions. The intention of the perpetrator to cause body injury and fear should not be connieved by inappropriate mine clearance methodes at the expense of manual deminer and the population.

schmaler minenfrei geräumter Weg zu einer Brücke in Angola
© Foto:
Tim Grant   


Affected by mines is predominantly the civilian population. Even decades after an armed conflict they suffer under the unresolved consequences. The unusable mine suspected areas and minefields not only can not contribute to the livelihood of the population, they hinder by their position the use of the remaining productive areas, as they were just laid in the strategically important areas. The financial burden of disposal is possible only by sympathetic people who are directly involved through donations and indirectly through taxation in financial donor countries. These lenders and the mine-affected receivers have a right to the best use of their funds/gifts.

If at all other jobs become obsolet it must be accepted. Individual interests of inefficient deminers have to step back behind the interests of donors and the affected population. The risk of manual deminers entered voluntarily into in their career decision, given the existing alternative KMMCS shall not be discussed here more detailled.

The educated, manual workering deminers do not need to fear to become unemployed when mechanical mine clearance is used. Unfortunately one need to remind to the vast number of around 80 - 100 million mines already laid and the number of newly added mines or cluster ammonition. In addition, there are some typical situations e.g. in houses or in trenches, where mechanical demining is not applieable. The vast number of affected area of any kind can, however, be cleared by our Stand Alone Mechanical Mine Clearance Methode without endangering personell.

older woman doing manual yarn twisting at spinning wheel   

The Stand Alone Mechanical Demining Methode is a jump forward from manual demining, comparable to jump from manufacture production to industrial production of goods by machines.

Mechanical spinning frames with long row of twisted yarn rolls both sides of a passageway
© Foto: Michael Hohf


manual working deminer (humanitarian demining)
© Foto: Tim Grant   

Such transition lead to higher productivity and countrywide prosperity. Who would have a refrigerator, a car, a camera, computer or TV when all these things would have been manually crafted in workshops? And beside: would all these products have reached the present state of development when production would be manually?

Production efficiency and uniform quality can be achieved only with a maximum degree of mechanization.

 Mechanically cleared road by KMMCS

We are unique with the claim to be able for Stand Alone Mechanical Clearance.
That means:

 mechanische Entminung


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