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Our Logo

Our logo of company bases upon the well known study of proportion from Vitruv from Leonardo da Vinci (approx. 1492)


Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) as natural scientist and engineer was a typical empiricist. He pursued of understanding about individual appearences in nature. In practical application of the found systematics Leonardo constructed an astonishing number of tools for a widespread field of applications and thereby was far beyond his era. He combined the exploration of nature and of anthropology with inventions on mechanics.

Leonardo's model of our logo treats the human proportions and the squaring of the circle with the human form hidden in geometric algorithm (Book).

Same as Leonardo da Vinci or Henry Ford late Walter Krohn was ahead of his time. He was not developing at so many fields like da Vinci, but similar combined the aspects of human and lifeworld. The jump in quality and speed by change from manual work to assembly line work is comparable to the jump from manual demining to stand alone mechanical demining.
The proverbial to square the circle as logical challenge and the flexibility in his ideal physical perfection, which is endangered by mines, allegorize our philosophy.

  • Blue filled circles = symbolic colour of planet Earth
  • Gold-yellow square = symbolic colour of technique and of the machines
  • Green intersection of cirle and square = symbolic colour of life. Technique and planet are the purviews combined and used by humans.
  • Human, stylized millhouse with mill and explosion are coloured realistically. They have a border and stand for tangible bodies, different to the symbols of blue circle, gold-yellow square and green intersection, that are not bordered.


Circle - square and idealized human in perfect harmony is segmented by millhead that also protect these from destructive explosion.

backside of 1 Euro -italian edition- with Vitruvian Man from Leonardo da Vinci
italian 1 Euro backside

The Universal-genie Leonardo da Vinci had written the following thought:

"Anyone who falls in love into practice without science is like a pilot, who controls a ship without rudder or compass and never knows where he is drifted to. . - . My intention is to cite the experience first and then with reason to prove why this experience must act in this way. ... The wisdom is a subsidiary of experience: The theory is the captain, the practice are the soldiers. ... Mechanics is the paradise of mathematical sciences, because it leads her to the most beautiful fruit of mathematical knowledge."

We have analysed our experience in soil-work in forest and fields and transferred it to one other subject, the demining. Experience and rational analysis is transformed in mechanics.

Not only about the result of our development we take pride a little in, but also about the complaince with the conviction of a worldwide known and recognized Universal-genie.

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KMMCS - Maschinelle Minenräumung und Bodensanierung
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